Domenico Fiormonte, Sukanta Chaudhuri and Paola Ricaurte (eds). Global Debates in the Digital Humanities

University of Minnesota Press, 2022.




Humanidades Digitais, Tecnologia, Multilinguismo, Geopolítica do conhecimento


Review of Domenico Fiormonte, Sukanta Chaudhuri and Paola Ricaurte (eds). Global Debates in the Digital Humanities, University of Minessotta Press (2022), by Shanmugapriya T.

Biografia Autor

Shanmugapriya T, University of Toronto Scarborough

Shanmugapriya T is a Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Scholar at the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies (HCS). Her research and teaching interests include an interdisciplinary focus in the areas of Digital Humanities, digital environmental humanities, and digital literature and games. Shanmu’s holds her PhD in Digital Humanities and Indian English Literature at Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India. She was an AHRC Postdoctoral Research Associate at Lancaster University, UK from 2020 to 2021. She has published papers in national and international avenues such as Oxford University Press, Digital Humanities Quarterly, Routledge and Electronic Book Review, etc.


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T, S. « 2022». Compendium: Journal of Comparative Studies | Revista De Estudos Comparatistas, n. 3, Julho de 2023, pp. 123-6, doi:10.51427/com.jcs.2022.0037.